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Firalis Molecular Precision acquires Olink® Explore HT panel, a First in France

November 6, 2023

Huningue (France) — Firalis Molecular Precision, Inc. (“FMP” or the “Company”), a pioneering Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing multi-omics solutions for biomarker discovery, announces its latest acquisition in the field of proteomics research. With the recent acquisition of the innovative Olink Proteomics, Inc. (“Olink”) Explore HT panel, the company becomes the first in France to offer this cutting-edge technology to its clients.

The Olink® Explore HT panel represents a significant leap forward in next generation proteomics, enabling researchers to measure over 5,300 protein biomarkers in only 2µl of sample accurately and with a high throughput, unveiling the human proteome in the blink of an eye.

Combining the Olink® Explore HT panel with its existing repertoire of Olink® panels, FMP shows its dedication to innovation and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. With this disruptive tool, researchers will now be able to accelerate their discovery of new protein biomarkers with unprecedented precision and uncover important biological invaluable insights into disease mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities.

As part of the official launch, FMP invites researchers and scientists from various fields to explore the possibilities of the Olink® Explore HT panel in their research projects and is granting a promotional offer for the first two analyses on the panel. The company’s team of experts is eager to collaborate, offering guidance and support to maximize the potential of this cutting-edge technology.

About Firalis Molecular Precision

Firalis Molecular Precision (FMP) is an emerging multiomics-powered CRO (Contract Research Organization) based in Huningue, France and in Cambridge, USA. FMP uses the latest cutting-edge technologies and a range of services (biobanking, multiomics-powered bioanalysis, bioinformatics, assay development and kit manufacturing) to provide support along the entire drug development process, from the discovery phase to the approval phase. FMP also provides expertise and support to biotech and pharma companies for their biomarker discovery and monitoring endeavours. For more information, go to or contact our experts. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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