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Assay Development

From immunoassay development to kinetic characterization of molecular interactions via cutting-edge Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology.

Our services

Immunoassay development

We offer immunoassay development for highly sensitive and reproducible assays that are rigorously validated for both research use only (RUO) and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications. Our services include Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) development with the added option of multiplexing, which allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple targets in a single sample.

  • Assay design and optimization
  • Antibody selection: We offer you the option to use your own analytes and antibody library, or we can produce them for you. We carefully select the most optimal combination of antibodies for your assay.
  • Assay validation: Each assay undergoes extensive validation to ensure accuracy, precision, and reliability.
  • Customized Quality Control: We determine the best standard, Minimal Required Dilution (MRD), and key controls for the assay.
  • Technical support: Our team provides comprehensive technical support and guidance throughout the development process and after the assay is complete.
  • Customization

Kinetics Charaterization with BLI (Bio-Layer Interferometry) technology

Our BLI (Bio-Layer Interferometry) technology allows to perform molecular interaction characterization, antibody interaction characterization, protein quantification, and protein-protein interaction characterization. Thanks to this technology, we can measure binding kinetics, affinity, and specificity of molecules, as well as determine the concentration of proteins in solution. Our services include assay development, optimization, and validation for your specific needs.

Key benefits of the Octet BLI system:

  • Higher Throughput (up to 96 samples). 
  • Real-time Analysis
  • Label-free analytes
  • Automated analysis
  • Crude Sample Compatibility:  analytes can be measured in crude matrices such as cell supernatant or lysates.
What sets our Assay Development services apart ?

Customized Solutions

We understand that every research project is unique. This is why we adapt and scale the process to your needs. 


We take quality seriously, and we ensure that all our services are delivered with the highest quality standards. We perform rigorous quality control at every stage of the development to ensure the final product meets your expectations. 

Experienced Team

Our team of experts has extensive experience in production and assay developpment. We provides assistance throughout the entire process to ensure a successful project outcome.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our production service to enable broad access to high-quality assay.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality assay development services that meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your research goals.​