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Large-Scale Protein Identification

Our service leverages Olink® Explore, Target and Flex panels, providing a comprehensive overview of protein expression levels in biological samples.

Firalis Molecular Precision is a certified Olink® service-provider and the first and only qualified service-provider in France.

Olink® Technology

Olink® technology is a powerful tool for studying protein expression, allowing a comprehensive understanding of biological processes. Our service offers three different Olink® panels : Olink® ExploreOlink® Target and Olink® Flex.

The protein detection is allowed by Proximity Extended Assay (PEA), a sensitive and high-throughput technology. In PEA, pairs of oligonucleotide-labeled antibodies are used to capture and detect target proteins, and the proximity of the antibodies leads to the formation of a DNA amplicon that can be quantified by qPCR or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

proximity assay principle

Proximity Extended Assay (PEA) Principle

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Olink® Explore

Our high-throughput protein biomarker discovery platform, which utilizes Olink®‘s PEA technology coupled with NGS readout on Illumina® instruments, enables you to measure the concentration of thousands of human plasma proteins using only small amounts of sample. With the Olink® Explore 3072, you have the opportunity to explore the entire Olink® protein library of approximately 3000 protein assays, making it ideal for exploratory proteomics and multiomics studies. Additionally, for more focused projects, you can select from one or several of the eight Explore 384-plex panels that constitute the Explore 3072 library.

  • 3072 assay through 8 x 384-plex kits (panel selection customizable, running from 1 to 8 panels):
  • Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic & Cardiometabolic II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation & Inflammation II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Neurology & Neurology II
  • Olink® Explore 384 Oncology & Oncology II

Olink® Target

The Olink® Target 96 & 48 panels offer high-multiplex immunoassays that facilitate targeted protein biomarker discovery. By identifying multiple proteins that form a signature, researchers can make faster and more informed decisions in human protein biomarker research without compromising data quality or performance. This approach is more powerful and reliable than focusing on a single protein.

Olink® Target 96

  • Limit of detection below pg/mL with only 1 µL of sample per panel.
  • 15 panel disease specific with more than 1100 markers.
  • 92 Human proteins biomarkers measured simultaneously, up to 88 samples in one panel.
  • 14 Human disease-focused and 1 panel for Mouse exploratory research also available.

Olink® Target 48

  • To measure 45 well established, inflammation-related human protein biomarkers simultaneously
  • Needs only 1 µL of sample.
  • Results reported in standard concentration units (pg/mL) or NPX units.

Olink® Target 48 Mouse Cytokine

  • Measures 43 biomarkers from just 1 µL of sample
  • Monitor Inflammation and Immune Response.
  • Carry out longitudinal studies on the same mouse (multiple blood samples), to avoid experimenting on a large number of mice.

Olink® Flex

Olink® Flex is a personalized product that allows the assembly of a biomarker panel comprising up to 21 human proteins. This is made possible by the ability to select from a pool of approximately 200 pre-validated protein biomarkers, which can be combined in various combinations.

  • Industry-leading flexible assay library
  • Up to 15 to 21 assays per panel, 40 samples per kit
  • Readout in absolute quantification
  • ~200 inflamation-focused protein biomarkers

Why choose our Olink®-based protein identification services ?

Wide panel of biological matrices and low input

Measurement in a various  biological matrice: Serum, EDTA plasma, Citrate plasma, Heparin plasma

Highly multiplexed protein analysis

Olink® technology enables highly multiplexed protein analysis, allowing you to measure hundreds of proteins simultaneously in a single sample. This can save time and money compared to traditional methods that require separate measurements for each protein.

Customized Solutions

Olink® offers customizable assays that can be tailored to your specific research needs. You can select from a range of pre-designed panels or create your own custom panel based on your research interests.

Experienced Team

Our team of experts has extensive experience in Olink® technologies (Service provider Platinum badge). We are dedicated to provide you with the best service and support throughout your project.

If you are interested in leveraging our Olink® technology for your research, contact us.