FMP x Vizgen Grant Program

PanCancer Pathways and PanNeuro Cell Type Panels

Firalis Molecular Precision is proud to offer a grant program in partnership with Vizgen, which will enable the winner access to a MERSCOPE® Platform single-cell spatial analysis project leveraging the new PanCancer Pathways or PanNeuro Cell Type Panels.

As part of this grant, the winner will not only have access to cutting-edge technology but will also be granted comprehensive data analysis services provided by our highly skilled bioinformatics team.

The Vizgen MERSCOPE® Platform is the first and only commercial solution for MERFISH technology, enabling massively multiplexed, error-robust, single-cell in situ transcriptomic imaging. Due to the complex nature of this technology, it requires specialized expertise to ensure optimal utilization and interpretation of the obtained results. At Firalis Molecular Precision, we have an experimented bioinformatics team in utilizing the MERSCOPE® Platform, allowing us to provide comprehensive data analysis services and extracting meaningful insights from the complex single-cell spatial transcriptomic data.

The fortunate winner of this program will be rewarded with a comprehensive lab service project which entails the utilization of cutting-edge technology, namely the MERFISH measurement technique, coupled with the remarkable MERSCOPE PanCancer Pathways or PanNeuro Cell Type Panels.

  • Vizgen’s MERSCOPE® PanCancer Pathways Panel features a curated list of genes targeting canonical signaling pathways of cancer. It enables to characterize tumor behavior at cellular and subcellular levels across multiple different types of cancers.
  • Vizgen’s MERSCOPE® PanNeuro Cell Type Panel provides researchers with a curated list of 500 biologically relevant genes to enable cell typing and investigation of cellular functional states in the mouse brain.
Figure 1. Spatial distribution of all cell clusters in one mouse coronal section.

The last day to apply was September 20th, 2023.

Application criteria :

  • This application is limited to researchers in Europe.
  • Application deadline is September 20th, 2023.
  • Grant winner will be announced on October 16th, 2023.

Winner will receive :

  • Full lab service project resulting in MERFISH measurement utilizing the MERSCOPE Pathways 500 Gene Panel (Human) or PanNeuro Cell Type 500 Gene Panel (Mouse) on 4 biological sample replicates (Fresh, fixed frozen or FFPE)

Sample imaging area is 1cm2 per slide.

  • Data analysis consultation with Firalis Molecular Precision team
  • Access to Vizgen MERSCOPE® Vizualizer analysis and visualization software

If you have any questions

Please reach out to our team