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Fast turnaround time

Our turnaround time of 2 weeks to a month sets a new industry record, ensuring swift and efficient delivery of results.

Scientific expertise

Thanks to our history in the field of biotechnology, we are well positioned to respond to our customers' research challenges.

Advanced multi-omics solutions

Whether you are looking to identify new drug targets or gain a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms, our multi-omics solutions will provide you with the insights you need to make more informed decisions.

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All along the pipeline


  • Holistic multi-omic approach (mRNA, ncRNA, Proteins, Metabolites)​
  • New drug target discovery​
  • Disease Understanding​
  • Diagnostic, Predictive, Surrogate Biomarker discovery and validation​


Phase 1 to 3 development

  • Safety and surrogate biomarkers discovery and monitoring​
  • Explore drug activity and measure efficacy ​
  • Investigate short-term adverse reactions​
  • Prognostic and diagnostic biomarker discovery​
  • Initiate CDx Development​​
  • Validate drug response signature and biomarkers clinical validation​​
biomarker testing precision medicine biotechnology multiomics multi-omics cro service provider


Early or late development

  • Drug Mechanism of Action (Pharmacodynamics)
  • Drug Safety & Efficacy​
  • Drug concentration quantification in fluids and tissues


Post market survey

  • Monitoring of long-term biomarker efficacy, safety, risk and benefits​
  • CDx kits production  ​
From samples to insights

We understand that uncovering insights requires going beyond data generation. It requires an approach that analyzes multiple layers of information simultaneously. Our team of experts can thus support you throughout your R&D from samples to insights. 

Biotech service supporting research

Study Planning

Samples Collection – Kick off design – Scientific support

Biotech service supporting research

Samples Management

Quality control – Labelling – Barcoding – Blinding

LIMS Registry > Freezing (-4 to -150°C) > Monitoring (24/7) 

Biotech service supporting research

Pre-Analytical Services​

Samples Aliquoting – Extraction Services – Custom Protocols

Samples Analysis & QC​

Genomics – Epigenomics – TranscriptomicsProteomicsMetabolomics

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Data Analysis​

Bioinformatics & ML – Statistics – Internal Data Storage

Biotech service supporting research

Insights Reporting​

Raw Data – Custom Analysis – Data Visualization

Our services

From state-of-the-art genomics and proteomics solutions to Mass Spectrometry assays, data science and ASD/Production, our cutting-edge services are all designed to accelerate your research and biomarker discovery journey.

Bioanalytical services





Mass Spectrometry Assay

Mass Spectrometry Assay

Associated services

Data Science

Data Science

Assay Development - Production

Assay Development - Production

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