Firalis Molecular Precision


Long-term freezing storage of your biological and chemical samples under optimal conditions.

We ensure the integrity and security of your samples.

At our biobank, we provide the support you need to store your biological and chemical samples collections under optimal conditions. Our service ensures that your samples are stored securely (strict cold chain compliance). Thus, we guarantee reliable and practical outcomes for your research projects.

Our Services to Help You Succeed

Storage and Aliquoting Service

Our sample storage service offers a secure and efficient solution for storing and managing your samples and ensuring their integrity and stability. We have a very large storage capacity for a wide range of sample types and sizes, including body fluids (WB, Plasma, Serum, CSF, Exomes, RNA, DNA…), cells, and tissues.

Futhermore, we propose an aliquoting service for your samples. This service includes labeling, packaging, and documentation of the aliquots for easy tracking and future use : quality control, research and development, or testing.

Our services are completely personalized and our team of experts can assist you with sample retrieval and shipping if needed.

Nucleic Acids Extraction Service

We also propose a DNA/RNA extraction service which provides high-quality nucleic acids for a wide range of applications. We use manual and automated extraction methods and different techniques to isolate DNA or RNA from various sample types (including blood, tissues, cells, and more).

We follow rigorous protocols to ensure the purity and integrity of the extracted nucleic acids.

We can also customize our extraction protocols to meet your specific research needs, by varying parameters such as the type of downstream application, sample volume, and extraction yield.

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Why choose our Biobanking Services ?

Large storage capacity

Various sample types and packaging format are stored in 250 m² of dedicated space

Controlled temperature

Cold room, freezers, liquid nitrogen containers: 4°C, -20°C, -80°C, -150°C

Sample tracking system

Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS), possible tracking using unique 2D bar code, database regularly updated

24/7 on-call system

Continuous temperature monitoring (radio transmitter sensors), power supply generators, intrusion detection alerts

High quality worldwide-used standards

To meet your specific requirements, we rigorously implement quality control and maintain traceability at every stage of the sample life cycle. Our quality assurance process ensures that we obtain all data in accordance with our standards.

FMP; biobanking; biobank; storage; cold chain; service
  • ISO 9001: for high quality management
  • NF S96-900: for high quality management system for biological resource centers and quality control of biological resources from human, microbial, plant and animal origin
  • ISO 14001: for high quality environmental management system (EMS)

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