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Supporting researchers and scientists worldwide by providing access to cutting-edge proteomics solutions and driving innovation in various therapeutic areas.

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Olink® technology

We use Olink® ExploreTarget and Flex panels to provide you with highly multiplexed protein biomarker analysis for a wide range of sample types.

With these technologies, we can go from exploratory to absolute quantification through panel customization.

Immunoassay services

We have the latest technologies to help you accurately detect and quantify protein biomarkers in your samples.

We use Ella Simple Plex Protein, MESO Sector 600MM, Ensight and Bio-Rad Luminex BioPlex 200 platforms, which offer exceptional sensitivity, specificity, and speed.

In fact, they perform multiplex immunoassays for up to 80 analytes in a single sample, allowing us to efficiently analyze large sample cohorts with ease. 

Immmunoassay protein detection Proteomics Services
Multiomics Solutions SIMOA Peoteomics Services Quanterix

Quanterix™ : SIMOA® technologies

Our services utilize the Quanterix™ SP-X and SR-X platforms to offer a highly sensitive and reliable approach for detecting and quantifying protein biomarkers in different sample types.

With the ability to measure proteins at low-abundance that are often missed by other traditional immunoassay methods. 

With our proteomics services, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality results and customer support.
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