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Single-cell Sequencing

Explore gene expression profiles at a single cell level combining gene expression data with cell surface markers, TCR and BCR clone frequencies or open chromatin analysis.

Our single-cell sequencing service uses the latest technology from 10x Genomics to provide high-quality single-cell sequencing data : Chromium.

10x Genomics Next GEM Technology principle

10x Genomics Next GEM technology uses droplet-based microfluidics to partition individual cells into tiny droplets, where each droplet is loaded with unique barcoded primers that enable the identification of individual cells during sequencing.

This technology allows for high-throughput analysis of thousands of individual cells, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of cellular heterogeneity. 

Our services

sample preparation genomics single cell sequencing

Sample preparation

We provide assistance with cell isolation, dissociation, and preservation to ensure high-quality single-cell suspensions for downstream sequencing.

library preparation genomics single cell sequencing

Library preparation

We perform library preparation using the 10x Genomics platform, which includes cell encapsulation, barcoding, and cDNA synthesis. Our service includes quality control measures to ensure that only high-quality libraries are used for sequencing.

sequencing process genomics single cell sequencing


We offer high-throughput sequencing on Illumina® platforms to generate high-quality single-cell sequencing data.

data analysis sequencing process genomics single cell sequencing

Data analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the single-cell sequencing data, including quality control, alignment, quantification of gene expression, and clustering analysis to identify cell subpopulations and marker genes.

What sets our Single-Cell Sequencing services apart ?

Comprehensive analysis of cellular heterogeneity

Our service enables a comprehensive analysis of cellular heterogeneity, enabling the identification of cell subpopulations and marker genes that would be missed in traditional bulk sequencing approaches.

High-quality data

We use state-of-the-art technology and quality control measures to ensure high-quality data, which is critical for downstream analysis.

Experienced Team

Our team of experts in sequencing and bioinformatics analysis will provide assistance throughout the entire sequencing process, from sample preparation to data analysis, to ensure a successful project outcome.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our single-cell sequencing service to enable broad access to this powerful technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about our single-cell sequencing services leveraging 10x Genomics® technology, contact us.