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Spatial Transcriptomics

Cutting-edge technology from Vizgen® involving studying the spatial organization of biological molecules in tissues

Firalis Molecular Precision positions itself as a leading certified Vizgen® service-provider in Europe.

Our Spatial Transcriptomics service allows researchers to obtain high-resolution and spatially-resolved gene expression data from tissue samples, enabling them to gain insight into the relationships between genes, cells, and tissues.

What is Spatial Transcriptomics ?

Spatial transcriptomics is a technique allowing to obtain gene expression data in its spatial context.

In fact, it allows for the simultaneous detection of thousands of genes within a tissue sample, while preserving its native spatial organization.

This technology has broad applicability in the fields of biology, medicine, and drug discovery

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Our service uses Vizgen®'s patented MERFISH technology, which enables the detection of up to 500 genes/panel in a single tissue sample.

This technology provides high spatial resolution, allowing for the vizualisation of gene expression patterns at the single-cell level. 

We offer end-to-end service, from sample preparation and data generation to analysis and visualization.

We also offer customized data analysis solutions to help resarchers gain insights from their data.

MERFISH technology principle

MERFISH is an image-based transcriptomic approach to measure both expression and spatial information of RNA in individual cells from tissue slice.

MERFISH allows massive multiplexing single molecule FISH measurement.

Individual RNA species are encoded by error robust barcodes using combinatorial oligonucleotide labeling. Sequential rounds of oligonucleotides hybridization and imaging by a high resolution fluorescence microscope measure barcodes for spatially resolved RNA quantification of up to 500 genes.

merfish spatial transcriptomics services provider genomics biomarker discovery

To perform a MERFISH experiment, tissue samples are first fixed. Then, they are hybridized with the specially designed DNA probes. The samples are then imaged using a fluorescence microscope. Each individual RNA molecule identified and localized based on its unique combination of fluorescent signals.

What sets our Spatial Transcriptomics services apart ?

Service provider

We are positioned as a leading certified CRO service-provider in Europe for Vizgen®’s MERSCOPE Platform.

High-quality data and analysis

We use state-of-the-art technology and quality control measures to ensure high-quality data and work closely with our clients to ensure that their research objectives are met.

Experienced Team

Our team of experts has extensive experience in sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. We provide assistance throughout the entire sequencing process, from sample preparation to data analysis, to ensure a successful project outcome.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our spatial transcriptomics service to enable broad access to this powerful technology.


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